How to Save When Purchasing a Used Car
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21.12.2019 14:12 How to Save When Purchasing a Used Car

Having such a big thing to decide, you’ve probably been struggling with many options for months. Where’s a good place with affordable prices? What is available online on express classifieds? How to find a deal that will not disappoint?

 Purchasing a Used Car

We got answers for your completely reasonable questions – there’s a lot more to decide and to weigh when you want to buy a used car. Moreover, you still are in danger of losing extra money. 

Here are some popular ways to save on your next purchase:

  • Look for something older – well, not a vintage one, but a car that is a few years older and not a brand-new. Research for good technology in different brands that might interest you. The price can be just for the name and the year of production, but it doesn't mean you can't get the same buying a little bit earlier version;

  • Think in advance – means, a car is not only about convenience. Your price should be also referred to as maintenance and repair costs. Some other things like fuel charge, insurance, and license are also worth to be included in a long-term budget you'll plan;

  • Say “No” to favorites – the premium price tag, as said before, can be just about the brand, but the state-of-art technology is fully identical. Need some starting point to decide? There you go – a purchasing guide for used cars can let you see tons of items less than $15K and more popular cars under $20K;

  • Negotiate a price – finally, you're authorized to do that in any situation, as an interested customer! But remember to prepare all the information upfront with a few strong arguments. Speak about the advantages of using a particular item in everyday life; what are good and bad sides and your current opinion about some of the technical aspects. Most people get discouraged when it comes to any type of negotiation, but it's worth your time and money;

  • Get stick to the budget - it’s a waste of time to buy a used car until you 100% know the total amount you’re able to pay. To figure out what the payment approximately could be done will take much more of your efforts and be much more useless;

  • Think about CPO car – the certified pre-owned car is the one that is low-mileage and gently-used. CPO cars can be a great benefit at a comparably lower price. Did you know, by the way, that even the auto loans offer lower interest rates for those owning a used car, which has a valid certificate? Think about that, as such a purchase can improve many sides of your life at a time! The interest costs you save can go a long way toward making up the price difference between a CPO car and a vehicle, which is not certified.

It’s a long story – to buy a car that is value for money. “Before you even start shopping, know what you can afford,” said a certified financial planner Marty Durbin once at Thompson & Durbin in Texas. “The biggest mistake people make is going car shopping before they figure out that number.”

Purchasing a pre-owned car does not mean you can't afford a new one. It's a smart decision representing a modern idea of conscious consumption. Car is about personal comfort and privacy, not about a useless brand name and a color type. If it doesn't make you feel better and doesn't fulfill your basic requirements, don't be surprised when we say you’ve been wasting money.

We wish you luck in the next smart purchase! 


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